We, CHITTAGONG PORT AGNENT. are the renowned shipping agencies of Bangladesh doing complete shipping, transportation, trading and special government projects.

We have company owned equipment with experienced and efficient employee with all the relevant infrastructure.

We are offering:

#    Your any ship will come from any country to Bangladesh or India, you ought to appoint us as agent or protecting agent.
We’ll not charge any fees or money. As long as the service I provide will cover the at-actual cost of the market,
if it’s covered by any expenses. At an equivalent time, our details are going to be viewed on your corporate web-site as Bangladeshi Partner / Agent / Representative.
In exchange, we’ll promote your ship for hire to your required destination for free of cost. We will provide all types of services at market rate.

#    We’ll assist you all sorts of business to grow your products in our area like clinker, stone, aggregate, coal, fly-ash, gypsum, LPG, bitumen etc.

For example, we’ll help to reach all importers, mill industries owner and status people to simply view and market your products directly in Mail, Phone to Established and
Expand your product’s in our market. In return you’ve to introduce us an area partner / agent. Our details are going to be mentioned on your website.

We have skilled teams of Professional, Multi-talented and online Marketing.
Our chairman and directors have good understanding and business relationship with all the large importers here, industries owner and so that we can easily discuss with them about any product.

We are looking for :

1/ Trading Partner – (For selling clinker, stone, aggregate, coal, fly-ash, gypsum, LPG, bitumen etc.)
2/ Ship owner/ Charterers/ Managers local representative
3/ Investment Partner – For any local or international projects.
5/ MLO (Main Line Operator)
6/ Joint-venture Partners (Who seeking for doing business In Bangladesh)

Waiting for your further query and face to face meeting.